Andrés Wiese traveled to Costa Rica after ampay with Janick Maceta: “A few days lost and with little signal”

He takes a few days off. The renowned Peruvian actor Andres Wiese He is in the middle of the public eye after his ampay met the model Janick Maceta. However, the artist has decided not to comment on it, but decided to go on vacation outside of Peru.

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As you remember, days ago the program of shows love and fire He transmitted some exclusive images of the actor with the former Miss Peru where they are appreciated with enough confidence and affection. However, both public figures have decided not to clarify the rumors of a possible romance.

It should be noted that Andrés Wiese used his official Instagram account to share a controversial message because at first it was believed that he was furious about the ampay with the model. Janick Flowerpot Well, he pointed out: “He who is silent does not always grant. Sometimes he just does not want to discuss with idiots,” he wrote.

Now, the one remembered for his character of Nicolas de las Casas He surprised his thousands of fans to reveal that he is enjoying a few days away from the Peruvian show business and especially from the questions about his approach to the influencer. “A few days lost here and with little signal… but with great friends in life,” he wrote in the description of his post.

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Andrés Wiese after alleged flirtations with Janick Maceta: “We all have the right to start over”

Was a new love born? Andrés Wiese had a rather complicated year last 2021 after being denounced by a minor and by his former partner, Mayra Couto, for alleged sexual harassment and bullying, as well as starring in a controversial ampay that led him to be called ‘apple of the discord’, but now he would be trying to rebuild his life with Janick Maceta, and thus he would have evidenced it.

Without mincing words, Andrés Wiese used his official Facebook account to share a photograph of himself with a curious message that would confirm his rapprochement with Janick Maceta due to its content. “We all have the right to start over”, was what he said in the description, announcing that he would be giving himself a new opportunity in love.