Andrés Wiese: we answer everything that people are looking for about him on Google

Although today Andrés Wiese is far from the small screen, he does not hesitate to use his networks to continue interacting with his almost two million followers. But although he is very active on social networks, the popular actor He tries to keep his intimate life very private, so netizens have not hesitated to resort to Google to put an end to your doubts. In this note from The popular We will solve all your doubts.

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How old is Andrés Wiese?

It is worth mentioning that Andres Wiese He is the son of Augusto Fernando Wiese Moreyra and Ana María Ríos Dunn. The full name of the Peruvian actor is Andres Augusto Wiese Rios, who was born in Lima, at the end of 1983. And today, Friday, December 16, 2022, he is turning 39 years old.

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How tall is Andrés Wiese?

Although in many portals it is evident that Andres Wiese He measures 1.75, according to the official website of Tondero, the production company that manages his career, the remembered ‘Ricolas’ He is 1.73 meters tall.

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Andrés Wiese: What were your beginnings on television?

The national artist began his acting career in 2008 in the series “La pre”, which was broadcast by Latina. There the popular ‘Ricolas’ shared scenes together with the renowned singer Devis Orosco. In this production, Andrés Wiese plays Adrián, a wealthy young man who confronts Deyvis for the love of Mariana.

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Why was Andrés Wiese accused of harassment?

Andres Wiese He was denounced on social networks and on a television program for sexual harassment. One of the cases occurred on the Magaly Medina television program by a 17-year-old girl, while the other accusation occurred on social networks and was by the Peruvian actress Mayra Coutowith whom he shared roles in the series “Al fondo hay sitio”.

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How did Andrés Wiese and Janick Maceta start their love story?

Though Janick Pot Y Andres Wiese They have decided not to give details of their love relationship, from what the media have been able to show, it is that they would have met through Instagram. Both would have started to follow each other and give “Like” to their publications. These notifications were so frequent that they caught the attention of the “Love and Fire” program.

Later, after the different ampays of public figures together, Janick Pot He would not have limited himself to reacting to Andrés Wiese’s publications, for which he gave him a “Like” when he wrote: “We all have the right to start over.”

Likewise, a trip to Thailand that they made further evidenced the romance that existed between Flowerpot and Wiese. The Peluchín and Gigi program did not hesitate to reveal that the actor inadvertently focused on the former Miss Peru. With this trip it seems that they made their relationship official.

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Andrés Wiese on Instagram

If you want to be aware of the day to day of Andres Wiese You can follow him on his official Instagram account, which is andreswiese_r. In his social network he already has more than 1.9 million followers.