Android 10 is the most popular operating system although Android 12 has already been released

The vast majority of smartphones work with him Android operating system and if we are based on assumptions, we could say that Android 12 is the most downloaded version; however, nothing is further than reality, because a breakdown of Android Studio shows that the most used is Android 10. Do you also have it?

According to Computer Hoy, a portal specialized in technology, the study was carried out by observing the devices that have accessed the Play Store for a period of one week. From there, the number of smartphones and the version of Android that they use.

As shown in the graph, Android 10 represented by the Q, accounts for 26.5% of all mobile phones that entered the Play Store for seven days. In second place is Android 11 (R) and in third place we have Android 9.0 Pie, with 18.2% of the total sample.

The version of the operating system in question was launched on September 3, 2019 and, two years after its arrival on mobile devices, it continues to be used by thousands of users around the world, who, apparently, do not need the new functions. that arrive in subsequent presentations.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that Android 12 It is the most current version of the program, the same one that was launched on October 20, 2021 together with Google’s Pixel 6 phones, so it is possible that many computers have not been able to update yet.

At the moment, the only smartphone brands that are compatible with Android 12 They are Google’s Pixel and Samsung’s Galaxy S21, although there are some manufacturers that have not yet ventured to launch equipment with this version, but they could do so soon, companies such as Motorola, Xiaomi and OnePlus.