Android 12: configure your smartphone security to the maximum in simple steps

Currently, an important feature to acquire a mobile is the security it offers when keeping our personal information. That said, the recent launch of the system Android 12 went on sale guaranteeing its users that the Privacy it would be vital for its development.

While a team can operate with the best security the world, it does not hurt to reinforce this quality even more, even more so when there are an infinity of cybercriminals on the web. Therefore, we bring you some easy to perform options to configure and improve the privacy of our smartphones.

A known option that all Android devices have is in the equipment configuration precisely in the section Privacy. The section Privacy Dashboard located at the top, allows you to see the permissions that the mobile applications have used during the day. In order to better control the personal data of your apps, you can select the button Manage Permissions in order to supervise and manage cell phone authorizations.

Among the classic ways of virtual tracking used by criminals, is the location Gps that each cell phone has, which is usually activated in most of our Applications as are our social networks and even Google Chrome. We suggest disable option Use precise location so that the information they obtain about their geolocation becomes more generic and does not offer a concise location.

If you want to further improve the privacy of your mobile You can also disable full access to the camera and microphone from any app or service you have installed, in order to ensure that no app can record or film without your authorization nor that the content is sent by any means.