Android 12: the secret function to download images from the internet

Android 12, the latest version of the popular operating system, has begun to reach various smartphone devices with new functions and tools that improve the user experience on cell phones. In that sense, the Google system brings a new way to get images from the web browser that is installed.

Sometimes, some images cannot be easily downloaded from the cell phone, because when pressing and waiting for the option save does not appear. That is why now in Android 12 there is a way to use multitasking to perform this function.

When we open the multitask we will see how an icon appears next to the image we want to achieve. Then we click on it and the list will appear with the lens, copy, share and save options.

If we click save, we will download the image and we can open it in any viewer that we have as an app. In addition to this, there will also be the option to share directly on social networks or contacts that appear as suggested. It should be noted that this function is not yet available on all Android cell phones and its arrival will be progressive.

The first thing you should do is enter the Settings app on your cell phone. To find it, check the list of apps and identify the cogwheel icon. Once inside, you will see that there are several options available. You have to scroll down until you find the section upgrade system located before accessibility and after user manual.

Enter that section and press search for updates. When you have done this, the system will search for the latest version of Android that is available for your smartphone. If the Android 12 press download and install.