Android 13 would allow transferring multimedia content between devices with a “touch”

Although it is still in an early stage of development, it has already begun to filter the first news that will land on Android 13, the next version of the operating system of Google for mobile devices.

This week, the Android Police team had access to a demo of the user interface of this software, which provides details on a feature called Media Tap To Transfer (Touch to transfer multimedia content).

It would be an option similar to Handoff which is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Mac computers, and makes it possible for users to continue tasks on other Apple devices.

According to screenshots shared by Android Police, the feature of Android 13 it would allow phones equipped with this operating system to play music or videos on other nearby equipment only by approaching it as much as necessary.

Users would see a notification on the top of their smartphone when they play some multimedia content and get close enough to the receiving equipment for streaming media, which could be another phone, a tablet, a speaker or a Chromecast.

If they are far from the receiver, a warning will appear on the screen to tell them to come closer. Once the transfer of media playback between devices is complete, a confirmation message will arrive along with an option to cancel the action.

Although there are not many details about it yet, it is presumed that the feature could work through NFC or UWB which are technologies capable of detecting and selecting a specific device in the environment.