Android: 3 applications to create strong passwords on your smartphone

Data security is a very important issue for all users today, as it is very normal for smartphones to store keys to many service accounts and apps.

Because the cases of cyberattacks and information theft continue to grow, application developers have been creating new secure alternatives so that users can have powerful password managers and improve their user experience.

One of the best known and most reputable options on the Google Play Store. It has a ‘master’ password that allows access to all the others that have been registered in the application. It also has the option of warnings about the security of the app, which allows you to perform a scan to find out if some of the passwords are or are not sufficiently secure.

You can get the application at this link.

One of the simplest and safest options there is, with an attractive and very intuitive interface for the user. You can use a first password generated by default and then enter the combination generator itself to modify it and make it more secure.

You can download the application from this link.

A free open source software that has an encrypted database so that you have your data safely, in addition to offering the functions of master password and password generator. An important feature is that the app does not have any type of internet access, making it more secure than other applications.

You can get the app at this link.