Android: 5 tricks to free up space on my phone

Surely you have been through this situation. The telephone has become an important tool in our daily lives; therefore, when we download an application or want to record a video with the mobile A warning message may appear indicating that there is no space in the smartphone’s memory. This can be frustrating, so it is necessary to know what we have to do to solve it.

Although there are a large number of tricks that can help us free up space on the phone, we have to know the five most effective and fastest methods. Next, we explain each one.

One of the first actions we must take when our Android phone runs out of space is to delete those applications that we no longer use. These apps take up valuable space in your phone’s memory. To remove it, we must go to the smartphone Settings, enter the Applications section and click on the ‘uninstall’ button.

The group conversations WhatsApp they tend to fill up the phone’s memory due to the large number of files, photos and videos that our contacts share. In this sense, the ideal is to do a cleaning every so often.

Enter Manage storage in the application settings, from here you can choose the large files you want to delete or empty those chats that take up a lot of space.

So that this problem does not happen again, you must disable the automatic download of photos, videos and files from WhatsApp. In Storage and data, both in downloading with mobile data and Wi-Fi, you have to uncheck all the options.

This type of memory contains temporary data stored on the phone when we use applications on our smartphone. However, on some occasions it can take up a lot of space on the mobile.

Therefore, the ideal is to delete the cache of applications that we use constantly such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

To do so, we must enter the Smartphone Settings, enter the Applications section and choose the application in question. Then go to storage and click ‘clear cache’.

A good option that we can use to manage and optimize the storage of the phone is to resort to a totally reliable third-party application. This is the case of Google Files a tool that we can download for free from Google Play Store.

Among the options of files we find how the app itself notifies us that we have a series of useless files that it qualifies as garbage and that we can delete by pressing a button. This application also allows us to easily remove duplicate files and platforms that we do not use.

Another formula to gain extra storage is to move applications from the internal memory of the mobile to the micro SD card a valid alternative for those who have a micro SD large capacity on your mobile.

To perform this action on the cell phone, we have to enter Settings to access applications; and within them, we have to choose the option to move it to the micro SD card. This method cannot be executed with the pre-installed mobile apps.