Android: the trick to divide the screen of your smartphone

The new version of Android 12.0 is already available for many users’ smartphones. The operating system update brings a new function that serves to open two applications or windows simultaneously and independently on your cell phone.

This advantage is very useful when you need, for example, view your email while you write on WhatsApp or if you are watching a YouTube video and taking notes in Word.

Productivity is a very important issue for people today, which is why many software developers design tools to work in multiple windows at the same time on technological devices.

Unlike iPhones Android cell phones can take advantage of this option to see, interact and perform any activity that includes two open windows.

The procedure to activate this option may vary slightly depending on the technological equipment, but the most common way is as follows:

1. You must enter from a Recent window. This part of Android is accessed by clicking on the three-line icon at the bottom that we all have on our screens.

2. After that, you must click at the top of the screen, above the application icon, and choose the option to Split screen.

3. Said application will be positioned in the upper part of the screen and the lower part will be free to select another application to accompany the first one.