Android: the trick to know how powerful your smartphone is

There are many ways to find out what is the performance and power of a cell phone with the Android operating system. Popular choices include professional benchmarks or data from processor and smartphone companies.

If you wish a simple way to find out In this note we will present you an option that is very easy to carry out and that you can use on any phone with any version of Android.

The PI number It is an irrational number that is calculated with different formulas and that has been used to test the most powerful computers in the world.

With the Super Pi application on your phone you can calculate up to 4 million decimal places of the Number Pi, to know the speed with which your processor is capable of doing it. The objective of this procedure is not to know these figures, but to know the average time it takes your team to calculate them. This is a very good way to test the performance of your smartphone and compare it with another.

If you meet a friend or family member and want to know which Android device is faster and more powerful, taking this test of how the processor behaves in an advanced calculation task could clear them up.