Android: they detect that 14 applications are infected with the Joker virus

Android phones would be at risk. A new crisis would have started in mobile devices that work with the aforementioned operating system, since the presence of the dangerous virus has been detected Joker one of the most dangerous and ancient, in Applications for everyday use.

Throughout the history of Android, countless viruses have been detected that arrive through applications that are usually downloaded very frequently in the smartphones. These dangerous programs infect your computer and can even lead to the theft of information. One of the best known is the virus called Joker.

According to Pro Android, a portal specialized in technology, a new list of popular applications has recently been detected within the Play Store that are infected by this dangerous virus.

For better or worse, Joker It is only present on Android phones and is capable of storing all kinds of information, controlling the equipment and even performing certain actions, such as bank transfers or internet payments. All this without the person realizing it.

Fortunately, the 14 applications that are infected are already known, so if you have installed any of them in the last days, we recommend you delete them from the smartphone as soon as possible to safeguard your data.