Android: trick to set reminders on your smartphone’s notification panel

Looking for an easy way to remember the tasks you need to do? Although at present it is possible to find an infinity of tools to achieve this purpose, here we will show you an alternative method if you have an Android device.

Given the number of times people review their notifications smartphone Throughout the day, there is a way to take advantage of this action in our favor: turn the notice area into a space to add reminders that cannot be removed.

To test this functionality, you will have to resort to Notepin an application that is available to download for free through Google Play Store. Through it, you can manage different reminders on your smartphone quickly and easily.

Once you have the tool installed on your device, open it and tap the (+) button to add a new reminder. In addition to placing a title and a description, you can assign a specific color to determine the priority level that the notice will have.

In that sense, you have the possibility to choose between three degrees of importance: high (Red), half (green) and come down (blue). In this way, each reminder will be positioned within the notification bar according to its relevance. At the end of the setting, press the button add.

Additionally, you can customize the way these notices are displayed. To do this, press the nut icon that appears in the lower right corner of the main Notepin page, click the option sort notes by and select one of the three options.

According to the data provided by Appchef Creators of the app, the average user checks their smartphone around 80 times a day, which means that their eyes scan the notification area almost a hundred times, making it an ideal place to post notices.