Angelo Fukuy after leaving Free Zone: “Excited and happy because I start from scratch”

Angelo Fukuy He pronounced on his departure from the musical orchestra Zona libre who wished him many successes in his career. After the statement, the singer revealed that there were no fights with his former colleagues and it was a personal decision that led him not to continue with his presentations because he seeks to create his own group.

The cumbiambero explained he is excited to launch his new orchestra on the market and tell about his next projects. “That’s right, I’m super excited, happy and nervous because I’m starting from scratch, but also with a lot of faith and a desire to get ahead” stated in an interview for Trome.

In addition, the former member of Zona Libre said he respected his former colleagues in the orchestra because he left without any fight in between. “Both with the musicians and with the singers I have a good relationship of friendship and respect” detailed. “My decision to leave the group was something personal, but I will continue doing what I am most passionate about, which is music,” he added.

On October 25, the cumbia artist appeared on the program En boca de todos to present his new song with Zona libre. On that occasion, the conductors asked Ángelo Fukuy why he distanced himself from Christian Domínguez with whom he starred in a heated discussion after leaving the Great International Orchestra. “It is gentlemen to apologize. I would have no one to apologize to, but I am willing to apologize. Which owes nothing fears nothing”.

The singer and Wendy Dyer, with whom he has been in a relationship for three years, contracted civil marriage on November 11, in Lurín. Through their social networks, the couple shared images of their wedding celebration, in which the musical group Zona Libre was presented. In addition, Angelo Fukuy shared on his Instagram stories what his wedding celebration was, where you can see Jonathan Rojas being one of the happiest guests for his friend.