Ángelo Fukuy on Christian Domínguez: “We haven’t seen each other since the pandemic, but we have exchanged words” – INTERVIEW

The singer Ángelo Fukuy gave a few moments to El Popular and revealed how his relationship with his former teammates from the groups he once belonged to is going. In addition, he told certain details of his time on television and the revenge that life gave him to put him in the place where he is now professionally, launching his solo songs and preparing his next video clip for his song that already she is ready.

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– Ángelo, just after your time with the Yaipén Brothers ended, you ventured into dance, there is material when you participated in “Amigos y Rivales” of the “Habacilar” program, how was that experience?

(laughs) You do huh! There is a story, brother, it is a very beautiful experience because I danced with Micheille Soifer, I had a friendship with several people from there and even with Raúl Romero; A kiss for him, I’ll tell you… Before the Yaipén Brothers, I traveled to Lima, but to introduce myself to the program “R with R” since from my town in Chiquitoy (La Libertad) there is a bus that goes directly to the Peruvian capital Imagine the hours of travel to get to my uncle’s house in San Juan de Lurigancho.

Disappointed because I know I had done well, I told my dad: “Let’s go to Trujillo.” And it was there, in the cevichería where I was working, that I met the Yaipén Brothers and the story I told you. Once again, with the popularity of the songs, we returned to the program, but it was “Amigos y Rivales” and I told this anecdote to Raúl Romero and he told me: “Incredible Ángelo”. But I thank God, do you know why, brother? Because imagine if he had stayed (the first time), he would have been in Lima and not in the restaurant where he met Walter and Javier.

I didn’t lose, I continued studying and working, I had to continue. At that time she said: “I am a young person with all the strength to move forward to help my family and my mother more than anything, and that’s how it was. I was in Grupo 5, almost two years in that orchestra. I didn’t get to Raúl’s program with them, but I did get to other television spots. Then I went back to Hermanos Yaipén and we clicked again (laughs).

– So can we say that, of your 17-year artistic career, most of it went with the Yaipén Brothers?

That’s how it is. It’s true, I was there for 3 and a half years, and then I came back, like 6 years with them.

– After that and returning to music, you go to “La Gran Orquesta Internacional” and well, after what happened there, you try another project with the Zona Libre group, but unexpectedly, you stepped aside with Zona Libre, why? what happened that just when they were conquering the market when they were conquering the market?

I made a contract with the gentlemen for one year and our employment relationship ended. What happens brother, is that there are many bad people in this world and in some things they did not agree. So, we decided to leave it there and I dedicated myself to doing my things as Ángelo Fukuy.

– And how is the relationship with your former teammates?

Everything is fine with the boys, with Jonatan (Rojas) we are always in contact, a kiss for him, I wish him the best and also for all the musicians. I have musician friends there working and we keep in touch. There are activities that the boys do and there we are supporting each other because the situation is still ‘moved’, we have to make up for that lost time, brother. We don’t sleep, of the 8 hours we should sleep, now we only do 3 or 2 (laughs).

– We know that the subject has been discussed a lot with Christian Domínguez and to clarify that little issue, is everything going very well with him?

I’m going to be very frank, brother… We haven’t seen each other since the pandemic. Over there we have exchanged a few words on a television channel, but it was from hello to hello, nothing more. And, as I tell you, my friendship will always be there and he knows it.

Ángelo Fukuy with his former groupmates Christian Domínguez and Jonatan Rojas.

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Ángelo Fukuy reveals that it was strange for him to sing heartbreak songs and dedicate himself to romantic themes

– You had a very romantic single, directed precisely for your wife and, it is more than clear to see her participating there, is that song your own and why did you decide?

This song is not mine, but it was born in a studio room. Right at that moment we were making music and seeing what songs to record, but suddenly the song was born and we thought it was beautiful. It’s called “I’m thinking love” and it goes with love for couples, boyfriends, husbands. The funny thing is that it’s based on love and I said: “But it’s about love and I’m usually from ‘Get out’, ‘I hope you die’, ‘Humble yourself’ (laughs), ‘Go cry somewhere else’, ‘You will suffer’, ‘I am leaving the house and selling the ring’. So, like, ‘I’m thinking love’? You think?”. I even did a survey on my networks and there was a large percentage to sing one of love.

– Has the sensation of going from singing suffered songs to romantic ones been strange?

Yes. I’m telling you why I’ve sung “Me enamoré de ti y qué” or “Motor y motive”, but the audience is always asking for “Ángelo, the one from ‘Get out’, ‘I hope you die’” and other more songs already that in the presentations I make a balance or survey and I realize that the most suffered songs are more requested, imagine 60%, literally.

– Recalling a little your beginnings as you told me, you are a son of the land of La Libertad and in honor of that, it is the clothing you wear in your video clip “Raise your glass” and the phrase ‘Échale pue’, does your musical career is based on promoting your roots and also mix merge genres?

Of course brother. I grew up in the countryside, they were my first steps musically and personally. With that dress is styled there in the north, the shirt, the hat, but not ranchero, but the northern, Peruvian style, with your horse. There is also the fusion of rhythms, such as the Mexican-style trumpets, the Colombian-style percussion theme and all the choirs, all of which identify my style.

Finally, the singer thanked everyone for their love on his Instagram and Facebook accounts and for the support in his musical career, which will take him this week through Lima and Callao and then he will be in a Chosica nightclub and then go to San Juan de Lurigancho and, next week, be in Huachipa and then in Juliaca.