Ángelo Fukuy “returned” to the Yaipén Brothers: singer performed live together with the group

For a long time, Angelo Fukuy He was part of the successful group Hermanos Yaipén and managed to become one of the most acclaimed voices by followers of the cumbia genre. Despite the obvious reception he received, the singer chose to leave the group to start a career in music, but as a soloist. However, recently, he appeared in one of their concerts and left open the possibility of being part of the famous orchestra again.

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This was the presentation of Ángelo Fukuy

Piura was the scenario chosen by the Yaipen Brothers so that Ángelo Fukuy has his return live with the beloved cumbia group. Social networks were in an uproar after seeing him again with his former orchestra companions. The musician was a guest for a special event and delighted everyone present with his melodious voice.

Although they did not confirm that this appearance was an official return, through social networks they caused intrigue among their fans by slipping the possibility of a soon return. “What do you think, did Ángelo Fukuy come back or did he not come back?”they wrote in a post. “Because the spectacular is back to stay,” they added as a description of the video.

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Will Ángelo Fukuy return to Hermanos Yaipén?

Although many expect Ángelo Fukuy to return to the group that welcomed him for so many years, the singer clarified that he is now focused on his personal development. Despite this, he has a special affection for all the members of the popular orchestra and will always be grateful for the opportunity they gave him some time ago.

“Always grateful to don Walter and don Javier for the invitation and the call they have had. It was a surprise for me, I’m even nervous to tell why after so long I’ve shared the stage with them. It was like this that something nice is being prepared for the followers of the Yaipén Brothers and for all the people who like cumbia, ”he said for Popular.

Ángelo Fukuy reveals that his beginnings were on a ranch and with the Yaipén Brothers “he was nervous and forgot the lyrics.” Photo: Yaipen Brothers

“It would be an honor. I am flattered to be able to serve the invitation, but I already have my things, I have a team since 2022 to be able to be like Ángelo Fukuy, as a soloist. As I told Don Walter and Don Javier and his children, they will always count on me, but I am already with my project, ”he said.