Angely Báez conquers fertile ground as a speaker

the distinguished announcer Dominican Angely Baez She will run out of an agenda that will lead her to give her first training conference, entirely in English, in the United States. She also performed in Ecuador and Guatemala this month.

Báez, one of the most recognized business voices in the country, who so far this year has narrated audiobooks, taught voice-over workshops, and has also acted in movies, is making her way into a new facet as speaker both in Spanish and English.

The official voice of Premios Soberano 2019 plans to conclude in 2022 giving a conference completely in English, within the framework of the “Thats Voiceover” event of the Society of Voice Arts And Sciences “, in Los Angeles, California.

Likewise, her year-end agenda also led her this month to offer an intensive workshop in Quito, Ecuador, on audiobook narration.

A few days ago, Báez also traveled to Guatemala, within the framework of the MOVART Festival of the Universidad Panamericana de Guatemala, where he spoke about his experience of approximately two decades producing and conducting radio.

About this stage as speaker, Báez claims to feel emotion and pride. “I am happy to be able to share knowledge, to train new talents and to contribute to that legacy that I hope to be able to leave to dignify and magnify the world of voice-over when I am no longer here”.

In January 2023, details a press release, he will fly to Panama to offer his first masterclass of the year and in February he will participate in the first Edition of Voiceover 101 in New York.

So far, the announcer Criolla is the only Dominican deserving of two Voice Arts Awards, granted by the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS), and as if that were not enough, she has just received the news that she has been nominated twice for the awards, considered the Oscars for the Locution, in the category of “Best Narrator of Fiction Audiobooks” in Spanish and “Best Narrative for TV or Film”.

It should be remembered that last May the Dominican gave a conference in Cancun, Mexico, within the framework of the “Voicemasters” Congress of the voice and in April she hosted the Biznet Latina event in New York.

Without a doubt, 2022 has been one of the most important years in the Dominican’s professional career and next year promises to be full of challenges as well.