Angie Arizaga far from scandals celebrates a year with Jota Benz [VIDEO]

Away from everything bad. For a long time it has not been heard about problems or scandals about Angie Arizaga, who has a dark past, with her ex-partners.

What’s more, the reality girl now lives a fairy tale with the singer and also a participant in This is warJota Benz, who is more than one occasion referred to the popular ‘bold’ as the love of his life.

It is no surprise to see them more than in love, since even both say that they have future plans such as getting married and starting a family.

It should be remembered that the reality girl She was somewhat nervous these days because many claimed that she would be pregnant, however she has ruled it out on more than one occasion.

Now enjoying her vacations with love, the model lives a story like no other, since she has been in love for a year with the singer who stole her little heart.

Jota Benz in love with Angie Arizaga

Despite the joke from his beloved ‘bold’, Jota said that time with her passed very quickly, however, her love is so great that she wants to fulfill all her mints, together.

“The first we are eleven months old and in the new year one year old, we have several plans,” he said happily. “Time has passed so quickly and we have experienced so many things that this is being in a relationship, learning to know the person,” she declared in love.