Animal abuse: subject shoots and kills two dogs because they entered his home in Mexico

A brutal case of animal abuse has shocked Mexico after it was revealed that a subject, identified as Anastasio, killed two puppies with a firearm. The incident occurred in the municipality of Cuautitlán.

According to local media, the detainee was shot with the life of the animals for entering his home. The headquarters magistrate Cuautitlan has started legal proceedings against him.

Owners reported the death of their pets

The first dog that died at the hands of the subject occurred on November 28, 2021, when Anastasio shot a dog of the French poodle breed until causing his death in the Analco neighborhood, municipality of Teoloyucan.

That day, the animal entered the man’s home, which apparently bothered him, for that reason he would have shot him.

They also indicate that another dog died in the same way and for the same reason. The attacks were reported by their respective owners, which is why an investigation for this crime was opened before the Public Ministry.

I would receive from 6 to 48 months in prison

It should be noted that the authorities of Mexico They are investigating the case against the detainee, who could receive a sentence of six to 48 months in prison for shooting two defenseless dogs to death.