Annia Cilloniz runs for the win: Seeks to win the National Drifting Championship

One of the main cards of Peruvian sports and motorsports. The young Peruvian pilot Annia Cilloniz returns this Sunday, November 21 to the tracks of the Autodromo La Chutana determined to win the second date of the National Drifting Championship “Pro Drift”.

We go with everything. We have prepared well with my all-girl team. There are good rivals, but we believe in our strength and we want to winAnnia Cilloniz noted.

His rivals include Joaquín Neuhaus, Mauricio Chumpitaz and eleven other competitors. “I am the only woman in competition and that makes us strongerAnnia added.

At 22 years old, Annia has achieved important triumphs in the world of iron. She was first in 4X Motrocross, 1X Rally and Las Seis Horas Peruanas competitions.

My big goal is to win the championship in the Pro 2 category and consolidate myself with a new project in 2022-2023 for the Pro 1 category“he explained.

Annia also told us about the other sports that she is passionate about and her experiences: “I practice motocross, I travel by motorcycle, I do MTB by bicycle and I love animals. I like sports journalism and covering events as a reporter“, said.

Regarding the adrenaline rush of running Drifting, he added: “It is super motivating, it has not been easy at all, in general, being the only one in this world that for so many years has been more ‘male’“.

On the first round of the National “Pro Drift” Drifting Championship, mechanical problems prevented Annia from fighting for the podium, but she promised to change history this Sunday.