Annoyed fans with resellers after selling out tickets for the Group 5 concert: “It will be for 60 years”

It will be a full house. One of the successful cumbia orchestras, Team 5, surprised by announcing a very special concert for April 1. The group is close to fulfilling 50 years of artistic trajectory, that is how they decided to offer a great show for their followers. Now this January 9th, The pre-sale of tickets for the event began, which will take place at the San Marco Stadium.

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This Monday, the companyto Teleticket She was in charge of the tickets for the great concert that one of the famous and beloved cumbia groups will bring, but not everything went well. And it is that, in just half an hour, the tickets for the concert of the northern group were sold out, generating various reactions from some followers, who were still in the virtual queue, looking forward to having the ticket for that day.

It is worth noting that the pre-sale of tickets began at 10 in the morning today. Meanwhile, it is good to remember that there will be another pre-sale date for exclusive customers of BBVA, those who have a discount, then the general sale will take place. However, some fans used their Twitter account to show their rejection of not getting tickets on the first day of sale.

“The faithful followers of the Ggroup 5 seeing how the resellers did it again ”, commented a user on said social network. “It will be for the 60 years,” commented another. Likewise, others showed their anger and ‘hatred’ towards scalpers and the Teleticket system. “Don’t ask me if I’m going to the concert, one thing is that I want to and another is that Teleticket allows me”, “To all the resellers I hope they scam you,” added another.

Author: Group 5 Twitter
Author: Group 5 Twitter
Author: Group 5 Twitter

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Find out how and where to buy tickets for the Grupo 5 concert

On the other hand, it is good to know how you can get tickets for the concert for the 50th anniversary of the Team 5. Through Teleticket, you can buy your tickets. However, you will first need to create a user (if you don’t have one) to be able to enter the portal and continue with the other steps.

  • Enter the official website of Teleticket
  • Select the poster of Group 5
  • Wait to be assigned a number in the virtual queue
  • Choose the location where you want to buy your ticket
  • Execute the corresponding payment and that’s it.

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