Annoying robot being called unfaithful: “I don’t understand why they don’t believe my version” [VIDEO]

Robotín was in the program of America Today after being presented as one of the great tails in El gran show, but has been quite questioned for the infidelity he did to robotine A few weeks ago, however, the comedian tried to defend himself.

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During the morning magazine, robotin He was upset with the people who still do not believe in the version he gave in various media, where he assures that he would not have disrespected his love relationship with Robotina.

“Oh yeah, I really don’t understand why it’s so hard to believe my version,” said the annoyed comedian, it was at that moment that Brunella Horna confronted him and said: “But there are no convincing images, would you like Robotina to have done the same thing?”

“No, I would not like it, but if she explained to me that there is nothing, I would believe her, besides, it was all just a bad joke,” Robotín said, but none of the drivers ended up believing her.

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Robotín after being part of ‘El gran show’ and rules out infidelity: “So much criticism and nobody knows the truth”

Strong and clear. the comic artist alan castle, better known as ‘Robotín’, is proud to be on the track of Gisela Valcárcel, El Gran Show, making it clear once again that he was not unfaithful to Robotina. The popular artist turned to his Instagram profile to refer to his recent addition to the dance reality show, as a great pull.

“My character is to amuse them and not to make them angry. So much criticism but nobody knows exactly the truth. Third people, for 5 minutes of fame, ruined my relationship (with ‘Robotina’) by adducing and lying things, and I never ran to answer , it just wasn’t the time or the place,” her Instagram post read.