Anses, October calendar: payment dates for retirees and pensioners in Argentina

The National Social Security Administration (Anses) announced its payment calendar for retirees, pensioners, AUH, AUE and other benefits in Argentina during this month of October. The collection dates are determined by the termination of the DNI of each beneficiary.

The aforementioned payments will begin to be distributed from this Monday, October 3. It is worth mentioning that the calendar will be affected by the two national holidays of October 7 and 10, which form a long weekend in Argentina during which there will be no attention from the public administration.

Retirements, pensions and allowances from Anses will have an increase of 15.53% during this month, in accordance with the Retirement Mobility Law. Some benefits, in addition, will have higher amounts due to the increase in the Mobile Minimum Wage (SMVM). Next, we share the complete schedule for each case.

This October, Empower Work and the Accompanying Program will have an increase in the sums to be delivered due to the 7% increase in Mobile Minimum Vital Wage (SMVM) which will reach 54,540 pesos. Let us remember that the first benefit grants 50% of the SMVM and the second, 100%.

In the same way, there will be an extra 18,000 pesos in October for those who are beneficiaries of the Food Card aimed at the following social groups: