Anthony Aranda after celebrating one year with Melissa: “They wanted to separate us and we are more united” [VIDEO]

In love to the bone. Anthony Aranda and Melissa Paredes celebrate a year of loving relationship today, despite the criticism. The dancer stood up for his romance and clarified that his is pure good love. “They really wanted to separate us,” he said on his networks in front of the model and actress who reaffirmed his feelings for him.

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This afternoon, Thursday November 24, the former employee of GV Productions He sent his little girl to those people who did not bet a single sun on their relationship with the influencer and dancer. “So much that they wanted to separate us and, really, they have united us more,” she expressed in her networks. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, literally,” she interrupted the ‘Meli’.

The popular ‘activator’ Anthony Aranda, Apparently, he does not hold a grudge against all those who joined in the criticism. As she pointed out on Instagram, she has a special affection for followers on Instagram,. “We still love them a lot and we always read their good vibes,” wrote Melissa’s boyfriend as a description of the video.

It is worth mentioning that today Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda They do not stop working even if they are celebrating their anniversary. “It’s time to work,” said the ex-wife of Rodrigo ‘Cat’ Cuba. At that moment, her partner interrupted her to confirm that they will throw the house out the window to celebrate their first year together. “We’re still going to celebrate.”

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Anthony Aranda excited to tell the news to followers, but Melissa Paredes stops him: “Not yet”

A few weeks before the end of this 2022, Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda They would already have several plans to carry out for the next year. What are they about? The dancer wanted to say it on his networks, but the model demanded that he not say it for now. “I want everyone to know,” said the “activator” to the surprise of his partner.

If it were up to him, he would have said it on his Instagram story. The well-remembered actress from ‘Sorcerous Eyes’ does not want them to know about her projects until further notice. By way of changing the subject, she revealed that today, on her first anniversary, she must work and rehearse for the program ‘El Gran Show’. However, he clarified that they will celebrate anyway.