Anthony Aranda ignores criticism about romance with Melissa Paredes and dedicates himself to training

Do you want to keep your privacy? Although Melissa Paredes has not stopped giving clues about her romance with Anthony Aranda, he has devoted himself to getting involved in his personal and professional issues and has avoided giving a single sign of life about his already official relationship.

Let us remember that her love affair would have been completely confirmed by the same Peruvian model in an interview she gave to the program Women in command: “I’m not single, we’ve been in love for a month …”, can be heard in the preview that was seen from the Latina space, which would be broadcast in full this Monday, January 10.

Since this came to light, even from a few days before, Melissa Paredes He has not stopped shouting it with small signals on his social networks, showing that he would not care what the rest say, but the dancer has been very hermetic about it, avoiding criticism and only dedicating himself to his dance classes and training.

“We came back …” he wrote Anthony Aranda in their stories on their official account Instagram, where evidence returned to his hard training in the gym, will Melissa accompany him?

Melissa Paredes surprises fans with her cocky ‘new’: “I just adopted her”

The model and influencer Melissa Paredes surprised all her followers with the news that she supposedly adopted a tender baby. Here we will tell you all the details of this note.

“Well I’m going to tell you that I just adopted her, it’s ha, ha, ha”, you can hear him say to Melissa Paredes in your clip of InstagramThis while in the background he listens to a woman laugh at what the former presenter of America Today.