Anthony Aranda laughs at Samuel Suárez and tells Melissa Paredes: “He dedicated 10 stories to you”

War in sight? The dancer Anthony Aranda decided to laugh after seeing the stories of the journalist Samuel Suárez commenting on the video that the first one made with Melissa Paredes. It turns out that she ended up explaining to her partner why the media titles some news in a certain way.

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It was then that samuel suarez He decided to give his point of view and explain in several stories that indeed the headline in a piece of news is important, but that the journalist who wrote it was not wrong when they wrote: “Melissa Paredes tombstone Anthony Aranda“.

samuel suarez He was also surprised by the way of explaining Melissa Paredeswho in one part of the video told Anthony Aranda that was the price of maintaining a relationship with her. Thus, the entertainment journalist made a couple of stories to explain the entire context and this did not go unnoticed by the dancer.

Anthony Aranda he ended up laughing at samuel suarez and telling Melissa Paredes what happened. “Love, you don’t sell, happily you don’t sell, he dedicated 10 stories to you. Imagine if you sold. I would dedicate a 3-hour program to you,” she said, laughing loudly.

samuel suarez instead of stinging, he grabbed a piñata from the dancer Anthony Aranda and he explained to him in a funny way that who makes news in that relationship, that is, who sells is not him, but Melissa Paredes. “Let him spend a little while to make him mad, because he doesn’t sell either. Applause for the activator. Sir, why is he itching? Sir, go there. Don’t worry. It’s Melissa who sells, not you.”

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What does Anthony Aranda work on?

Anthony Aranda is the current couple of the actress and ex-chica reality, Melissa Paredes, and works as a dance teacher in an academy. She always visits him during her classes when she is imparting knowledge to her students, mostly girls who want to learn different dance techniques.

After that, no other job is known to the dancer Anthony Arandawho entered show business after being supported by Magaly Medina kissing with Melissa Paredes inside a car when she was still married to the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba.