Anthony Aranda looks very much in love on the networks and boasts his love for Melissa Paredes: “I love her” [VIDEO]

The controversial couple of the Peruvian show business Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda are constantly in the middle of the public eye, but they have remained stable despite the various criticisms. Now the dancer decided ‘shout from the rooftops’ the love he has for the actressto whom he does not hesitate to show affection whenever he can.

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This time, through the official account of Instagram of ‘El Activador’, the lovebirds could be seen very caramelized after a day of pure work and activities. In addition, the former model Paredes also responds to her shows of affection and praise. “I missed you”, “Meli” said to her lover, who has been away from the small screen for quite some time.

“And I love you, baby,” replied the dancer, very much in love.. “My cocky two”, his girlfriend stressed. Apparently, both turn a deaf ear to criticism and presume how their love has grown stronger over the months.

Meanwhile, in Aranda’s romantic video, Melissa Paredes could be seen very happy and emphasizing that he is her favorite person ‘two’. Apparently, the owner of her heart would be her youngest daughter, with whom she can already enjoy various anecdotes after the revocation of the protection measures that she had against her.

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Melissa Paredes and her striking reflection: “God chose David knowing that he would commit adultery, he was not scandalized”

the former model Melissa Paredes is once again on everyone’s lips after his return to The big show One year after her ampay with Anthony Aranda, when she was still married to Rodrigo Cuba, she surprised with a tremendous reflection on her social networks. What happened now?

“God chose Jonah knowing that he would flee, he chose David knowing that he would commit adultery, he chose Pedro knowing that he would deny him, he chose Judas knowing that he would betray him,” read initially from Anthony Aranda’s partner. “Your weaknesses do not scandalize God, he chose you even if you had flaws, do not give up,” he said. Melissa Paredess, generating various reactions.