Anthony Aranda prefers to thank a reporter, rather than ‘shout his love’ for Melissa [VIDEO]

Prefer not to mess with it? The dancer Anthony Aranda was approached by the cameras de Love and Fire and when asked about his romance with Melissa Paredes, his response left much to be desired.

Thus, when the reporter of the Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter program Asked what he thought about Melissa’s formalization of their romance, he chose to remain silent.

In addition, not happy with it, he took the opportunity to greet the press man, without focusing at any time on saying a word of love towards his beloved, after she mentioned that she was very much in love with him, in the latest edition of Women in Command.

What did the Activator say? After being reminded that he made Melissa official through social networks, Melissa’s boyfriend chose to thank the reporter for his time.

Anthony Aranda happy and proud for the return of Melissa Paredes to TV

The model Melissa Paredes reappeared in Women in command after being away from television after her ampay with Anthony Aranda. His presence not only surprised all the viewers, but his most faithful follower, the dancer.

Through her official Instagram account, her current partner was proud to see her and dedicated a few words to her.

“What a churra you are my love! Me 11 ”, he wrote as a description of an image where Melissa Paredes appears very smiling on the television set.