Anthony Aranda: What did Melissa Paredes’ boyfriend do before dancing on The Great Show?

Anthony Aranda He became well known within the Peruvian show business after starring in an ampay with Melissa Paredes when she was still married to Rodrigo Cuba. Since then, his career as a dancer has not only risen, but he remains one of the characters with the most media attention.

However, his beginnings in the artistic field were long before being part of the cast of “El gran show”. In the following note, she discovers what the life of the ‘Activator’ was like before stepping on Gisela Valcárcel’s set.

The first share of Anthony Aranda As a dancer of the ‘Señito’, it was when he was called to be part of “El gran show” in its 2021 season. There, he accompanied Leslie Moscoso in all the galas that the singer was present and surprised with his ability to dance.

However, it was not until the edition of “Reinas del show” in which he captured all the public’s attention by being romantically linked to Melissa Paredes. Months after their controversial ampay, the now couple confirmed their romance.

In 2018, the also influencer was summoned by the ATV production to participate, for the first time, in a competition reality show and temporarily support the green team: the chosen program was “Combate”.

Although he did not last long within the disappeared format, the 34-year-old was a great contribution to the competitors, as he constantly trained and was in good physical condition.

Since ever, Anthony Aranda He has dedicated himself to being a professional dancer and choreographer. His talent for this discipline has allowed him to be part of important events and even accompany renowned artists in the different presentations they make.

Among the list of singers with whom she has worked, the salsa artists Yahaira Plasencia and Daniela Darcourt stand out. Despite this, her beginnings in dance go back several years, when she was part of the cast of Leslie Shaw.