Anthony Davis exploded after Lakers’ latest NBA loss: “We suck”

Strong declarations. Anthony Davis (‘AD’) lost the papers after the resounding defeat they suffered, this last Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers against Minnesota Timberwolves for 24 points in local condition.

The team led by Lebron James and ‘AD‘has not had a good start to the preseason in the NBA. With this defeat he adds six falls in 13 games, so the ‘pivot’ harshly criticized his team’s game.

“We have to decide the type of team we want to be and who we want to be. We will not win a championship playing this way. We have to be better and we must care more about our victories at home,” he told ESPN.

Anthony Davis exploded after the Lakers’ loss in the NBA.

The same way, Anthony Davis cataloged this last collation as an embarrassment and questioned the performance of Lakers in all the third quarters of the tournament.

“We are ready in defense and we are not able to score either. In all the third quarters we have been a disaster this season,” he said.

Lakers vs Timberwolves

It is worth mentioning that Los Angeles Lakers they won the first quarter of this match, but lost the remaining three. Just as you mentioned Davis, the most traditional team of California they fell in the third quarter by 12 to 40 and they are already 8 of 13 duels in which they lose in this time.

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