Anthony Davis fights with his partner in the loss of the Lakers

The Lakers don’t have a good time. Despite having a good squad, they cannot find their way and have eleven consecutive defeats. In the last date of the NBA, the team led by LeBron James fell 105-115 against the Phoenix suns at the Staples Center.

Regardless of the result, the reflectors took him away Anthony Davis and Dwight howard. The two stars of the NBA and key pieces for the Lakers were blown up during a timeout in the second quarter.

Both players began to argue on the bench until exchanging shoves. His colleagues intervened to prevent things from happening to adults.

Howard explained what happened with Davis and pointed out that it was only an argument for the game, but his relationship with the ‘Eyebrow’ is good. Dwight had no more minutes in the game against the Suns.

Magic Johnson criticized the Lakers

The Lakers’ bad season worries their fans. Through his social networks, NBA legend Magic Johnson pointed out that the Los Angeles franchise has a team problem.

In my 42 years associated with the Lakers, I have never seen anything like it. The Lakers have a basketball problem and a team problem“explained the NBA legend.