Antonio Banderas: “I have always sung, but I have not wanted a career as a singer”

Antonio Banderas, who makes a great demonstration of vocal power in the musical “Company”, which he directs and stars and which opens this Wednesday in Malaga (southern Spain), assures that he has “always” sung, but never wanted to “have a solo singing career ”.

“I have always destined it to something that had a dramatic character, as in ‘Evita’, in ‘Nine’ on Broadway for a year, in ‘La corte del faraón’ or in duets with friends,” said Banderas as he passed through the red carpet installed at the Soho Theater on the occasion of the premiere.

This reunion with the public is special after the pandemic, although he remembers that he kept Soho “open all this time, always with restrictions that sometimes made it very difficult to support the shows, and in fact money has been lost with almost everyone.”

“But this project is not designed to earn money either, but rather to seek excellence, which does not always guarantee success. That is the greatness and misery of our profession, that a person on a brick with a light bulb can be a success and a montage with forty people on stage, as I have, no ”, he says.

He is convinced that behind “Company” there is “a very serious work of a very complicated work by Stephen Sondheim” that “opens a door to a musical much more theatrical and thoughtful than other types of musicals that have been made. in Spain in the last fifteen years ”.

“This is something else, a musical that is fun, with which people are going to laugh a lot, and there will also be some tears out there, because it excites, and has a very serious reflection on the ability or inability of the human being to communicate with others or commit ”.

The “artistic commitment” of this show stands out, “with twenty-six musicians on stage, something you don’t even see on Broadway”, and being accompanied by a cast with performers “who have been headliners on Gran Vía, so that putting them together is not easy, and probably will not happen anymore ”, so he is“ delighted ”, as if they had“ given him a Ferrari ”.

The premiere was attended by Nicole Kimpel, Banderas’ couple, their daughter, Stella -one of the musical’s assistant directors-, and her sister, Grace Johnson.