Antonio Pavón congratulated Pedro Moral after his marriage: “Long live love!”

Pedro Moral He rose to fame several years ago due to his famous relationship with Sheyla Rojas with whom he was about to marry. However, their romance came to an end in the midst of several controversies, since the businessman came to brand his ex-partner as agreed after stepping on the set of The Value of Truth conducted by Beto Ortiz.

But that episode is already behind for Moral, since he now enjoys a relationship with Fabiola Garavito with whom he married in civilian clothes last weekend. The businessman did not hide his happiness and through his social networks he dedicated an emotional and concise message to his now wife.

Pedro Moral chose his official Instagram account to share his feelings after getting married with Fabiola Garavito. Sheyla’s ex-boyfriend described their love story as incredible, which took place to the next step since last Saturday.

“Legally married, I love you my love. What an incredible love story. We go for more stories together, no one stops us, Fabiola Garavito, “he wrote on the camera’s social network along with a photograph of both.

It was in the same publication that the businessman made where various figures of the show congratulated Pedro Moral for this important event in his life. One of those that attracted the most attention was that of Antonio Pavón, who, far from having any quarrel, wished the couple the best.

“Congratulations couple! Long live love, ”wrote the Spanish bullfighter and father of Sheyla Rojas‘s son.