Antonio Pavón: “Sheyla Rojas and my girlfriend Joi Sánchez are pinkys” [VIDEO]

He spoke loud and clear. Antonio Pavón returned to Peru after a long time with his fiancee Joi sanchez, and reminded everyone that she is a great friend of her ex-partner, Sheyla Rojas.

It all happened in the last edition of América Hoy, this Thursday, November 18. The bullfighter arrived as a guest on the set, and ended up talking at length about the mother of his son.

Antonio Pavon He assured that he is happy now that he has a great relationship with Sheyla Rojas and even assured that he feels “an accomplice” with her, but then he highlighted the friendship that she also has with her girlfriend Joi Sánchez.

“There is a person who loves me, I am in love, and one of his tips was to get along with the mother of my son,” said the Spaniard, who assured that his ex-partner and his current girlfriend get on well with their son, and are even ‘pinkys’.

“They are pinkys. Sheyla loves Joi, Joi loves Antoñito, and communication between them is the most important thing. They have very good communication to take care of Antoñito,” he said. Oops!

Let’s remember that months ago Antonio Pavon I had already evidenced the great relationship of both. “They are pinky, pinky, Sheyla’s birthday has been organized by Joi, and she also has a very nice surprise prepared for her, and when she sees it, she will be very excited,” he said.

Sheyla Rojas reveals why she agreed to appear on Magaly TV

Weeks ago Sheyla Rojas talked with Magaly Medina, who asked her why she accepted the interview then, and this is where she revealed the reason: Her ex-partner Antonio Pavón.

“Antonio put me in complicity with your husband Alfredo,” the model confessed on Magaly TV La Firme, which caused the ‘Urraca’ to laugh. “Ah, now I have to thank my husband,” she finished.