Anuel and Rochy RD gather hundreds of people in Capotillo while recording a music video

The urban artists Anuel, Eladio Carrion and Rochy RD concentrated hundreds of people in Capotillo while they recorded the music video for the song “North Carolina”.

Last night’s videos have gone viral on social networks due to the accumulation of people who are without a mask and crowded at a time when the country and the world is hit by the Omicron variant.

Anuel has been in the country for several days in which he has been seen enjoying the nightlife with the leader of the “wawawa” and the urban exponent Yailin, the most viral, with whom he is romantically involved.

The Puerto Rican artist was also seen at the Tetelo Vargas Stadium enjoying a baseball game between the Estrellas Orientales and Águlas Cibaeñas.

Anuel and Rochy recently released the song “Los Iluminatis”, which has more than 3 million views only on YouTube and it seems that it will not be their last collaboration.

It is recalled that at the beginning of December the ex-boyfriend of Karol G assured that he would give a hand to the Dominican singer so that he can obtain the American visa.