Anuel will lend a hand to Rochy RD: “We are going to get that visa from you yes or yes”

Rochy RD won the heart of his Puerto Rican colleague Anuel, who praised his personal qualities and promised to arrange an American visa for the urban Dominican.

“You are a leader brother, we are going to get that visa yes or yes, in the name of God,” Anuel posted on Instagram along with photographs in the company of a Dominican dembowsero.

Rochy was imprisoned in La Victoria jail and then it is presumed that for that reason he has been denied the American visa on several occasions.

Anuel related that on Sunday night he was in the Dominican neighborhood, where Rochy “looked me in the eye and said: – I am Anuel in 2016, and I told him: – La Cabra, this hp won my heart. serious because I see myself in him “.

The ragman maintained that “it is time for the world to meet you in person; money comes and goes, but the word is only one and it is the only thing we have as men and bandits.”

Rochy replied, “Wow my God, what happiness Anuel, my heart accelerated when I saw this publication of happiness. Wao, thank you Kabra, thank you. RD is going to thank you for what you do for Rochy because Rochy is not the genre that needs it, I feel like I’ve known you before. “

Emmanuel Gazmey, the singer’s real name, arrived in Santo Domingo on Sunday night in a private return and it is said that they will record a song together whose title would be “My contact”, by Rochy.

The dembowsero’s solo track was released ten months ago and already has more than 35 million views on the YouTube video platform.

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