Anya Taylor-Joy is moved to tears upon returning to Argentina after 3 years

Anya Taylor-Joy famous actress raised for several years in Argentina He visited his native country and caused a stir in the streets of Buenos Aires. The protagonist of the popular series Gambito de dama took advantage of her rest days to travel and stroll through the Recoleta area, where she received the affection of her followers.

The Hollywood celebrity, who spent her first seven years in this region of South America, has participated in blockbuster movies in recent years. In this sense, he has won the affection of the public, especially in that country.

The young woman was recorded in broad daylight through the streets of Recoleta causing a stir from her fans, who went to look for her to take some snapshots.

In their social networks, Anya Taylor-Joy He expressed his emotion for the warm reception of the Argentines. In his last publication, he is seen with red eyes, a sign that he would have shed a few tears.

“This photo was taken five minutes after arriving in Buenos Aires for the first time in three years. I couldn’t stop crying with emotion, “wrote the artist.

Anya Taylor-Joy He spent Christmas and the days after these parties on the beaches of Punta del Este, in Uruguay. In a past interview for InStyle magazine, he confessed that he would like to live in Argentina.

“I have American and Argentine citizenship. I have an American and British passport, but I have an Argentine residence, which makes me very happy because I would like to live in Argentina again ”, he mentioned.

In fact, it is not the first time that you want to move to the place where you spent your childhood.