APK Analyzer: find out what an APK hides before deciding to install it

Many of the most dangerous Android malware are installed on mobile phones via APK. The responsibility lies with Android that only tells you the names and their icons before they are installed. Also, it doesn’t show you which app will actually be installed, what permissions it will ask for, or who created it. Thus, it is easy for hackers to make you believe that a APK it is harmless, when it really is fake or made to spy on your device.

The solution is not reduced to stop using APKs, because it is not worth missing out on the advantage they provide from phones Android. The ideal solution is to use an application that shows all the information about the APKs without having to install them. Next, we detail the tool that can solve this problem.

APK Analyzer is a simple application that provides a Detailed report on the apps that were installed and the APK files not installed that are stored on the Android devices. It is an app of free code– Anyone can check their guts, making it impossible for them to steal your data without it being known.

The reports include the following data:

The app has a section called “Permissions “ where you see a list with the permissions requested by the apps installed on your Android. Additionally, there is a section of “Statistics “ in which you will find interesting information about the applications that can be used to analyze the state of the mobile. It also does not require root and is completely free.

If you already have the application andThen follow these steps to examine an APK:

Also when you press the green button with the three dots to see the APK on Google Play, install it, save your icon or review your file. With this, you will be able to examine the smallest detail of the applications and check if they are safe or if they are false.