Apple and its possibilities of standing out in video games: will the App Store suffice?

The past few weeks have brought back bittersweet memories for the still-emerging food industry. cloud video game. According to an October report in Bloomberg, Apple would have considered launching a cloud gaming service (such as Stadia and xCloud) alongside the premiere of Apple arcade subscription title platform only suitable for its ecosystem through App Store. This fact has generated endless analyzes in recent days and an old discussion has reappeared on the surface: can those from Cupertino finally establish themselves within the gamer market?

It is neither a minor nor an accelerated question. Apple’s relationship with video games has had many nuances in history. The Macintosh line itself received many elementary titles for years in the 1980s (despite its early and limited monochrome displays), and the years after Jobs’ return in the late 1990s also featured specific efforts to gain ground there. public.

In recent months, reports of all kinds have unearthed many decisions that were not understood, especially regarding the launch of Apple arcade in 2020 and the ban on Stadia and xCloud in August of the same year.

In a past issue of his Power on newsletter, Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) explained how Cupertino contemplated launching its own streaming game service:

“Apple’s gaming service is more or less unique. It depends on titles that run on devices natively instead of in a cloud, unlike other companies like Microsoft Nvidia Google and others. Strangely, Apple has not allowed those rivals to join Apple Arcade on the App Store, although they say the reason is not because they are competitors, but because they do not want ‘eat all you want’ style gaming services on their computers. ” , he comments.

“Despite that, the company has internally discussed prospects for launching services of this type, as I was informed. I just hope that, if Apple does it, it also admits its rivals, “he said.

An interesting analysis of Engadget points out the strange relationship of Apple with video games. Cupertino does not present strong nor in software hardware, nor does it have a prestige gained through the years, quite the opposite. The idea that a Mac is good for everything but gaming is almost dogma among consumers. If those on the block can sustain themselves on something to enter that billionaire entertainment industry, that is only the App Store that, according to Wall street journal bill more than Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and others combined.

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