Apple I, the handcrafted computer created by Steve Jobs, sold for $ 500,000

An auction house in the United States has just sold an Apple I in perfect condition, in US $ 500,000. Although it is quite a high price, it has attracted the attention of many technology lovers, since this computer should be worth much more, having been created by hand by Steve Jobs and Steve Woxniak

Before Manzana became a giant of technology, its legendary founders used a garage to create their first computers that were baptized as Apple I. In total they made about 200 units, which sold (the vast majority) for US $ 666.66; the rest of the equipment went to a store located in California.

As detailed by Computer Hoy, the auction house John Moran Auctioneers put on sale, at the beginning of November, a Apple I which is considered a luxury model, since it has a Koa wood casing (a tree that only grows in Hawaii), a Panasonic monitor of the time, as well as other original peripherals that are in good condition.

According to the publication, there are 80 Apple I worldwide and only six of them feature this Koa wood casing. After several weeks of auction, the sale reached half a million dollars, a figure that many consider small, considering that a few years ago a higher price (US $ 905,000) was paid for a device that was not in optimal condition.