Aracely Quispe after the launch of James Webb: “I dedicate this historic achievement to my dear Peru” [FOTO]

The launch of the James Webb telescope was carried out successfully on the morning of Saturday, December 25. NASA selected the best astronomy specialists, including the Peruvian engineer Aracely Quispe, who coordinated the launch into orbit. On his Facebook page he expressed his excitement about this great space event.

“Today I feel very happy, this will be an unforgettable day and for history. There was enormous joy at the NASA facilities in Maryland, especially when the separation between the Ariane-5 carrier and the James Webb telescope occurred at 12 minutes and 47 seconds after takeoff, ”said Quispe Neira.

On the other hand, the natural engineer from Motupe, in Lambayeque, also highlighted that this event took place at a crucial moment: at Christmas and in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know that many of us are without rest and without our families on this day that Christmas is celebrated, but this is the best gift we have received in 2021. It is a moment that added a double challenge: that of launching this super telescope to the pandemic space, but God has led the way. I have no doubt about it! ”He wrote.

“Today I want to dedicate this achievement to the memory of my partner Rob LaVerghetta who could not see his dream of this launch crystallized, but I know that from heaven he will surely celebrate with us. I also dedicate this historic achievement to my dear Peru because I know that you are more than proud to know that there is talent in Peru, as well as my dear family, thank you for so much, “he added.

Finally, he sent a message to the youth: “Dreams come true and if I can, you can too,” he said.