Arajet presents Arabonito a corporate travel voucher

The Dominican airline arajet presented its new product “Arabonito”, a corporate bond with which the company offers companies an option to give to their collaborators.

This new low-price airline showed the representatives of business associations, the national bank and the official aeronautical sector of the country the new product that consists of a group of codes that companies can buy as gift cards so that their employees can exchange them for air tickets or any other service arajet.

These bonuses are available from 100 to 500 dollars: at the launch event Víctor Pacheco, CEO and founder of arajetexplained that Arabonito is a disruptive tool that will empower companies to compensate, celebrate and recognize the effort and dedication of their employees.

“Our mission is to democratize the skies of the Americas and ensure that hundreds of thousands of Dominicans who have never flown can do so thanks to our low fares and state-of-the-art aircraft. Arabonito contributes to this mission by involving Dominican companies as enablers and protagonists of a benefit that substantially improves the quality of life of its collaborators, discovering new destinations that change their way of seeing the world,” said Pacheco.

The Arabonitos are available to all Dominican and foreign companies based in the Dominican Republic through the email [email protected], and may be used without restrictions on rates, dates or routes. As explained with these bonuses, the beneficiaries will be able to pay not only the cost of their tickets, but also suitcases, seat selection, upgradespriority access or any other extra required through

Flying is no longer the privilege of a few, that’s how he understands it arajet. This company is committed to making traveling in the Dominican Republic a real option for everyone and available at the click of a button.

“Together, companies and arajetwe will put hundreds of thousands of Dominicans to fly, rewarding their effort and strengthening their loyalty and sense of belonging, making that collaborator more productive and feel more committed to their company”, assured Pacheco.