Archangel continues inconsolably: “I had never suffered so much! I had never felt so down! So defeated, so lost!”

Puerto Rican reggaeton player Arcángel said Monday that “he had never suffered so much” or been “so defeated” and “so lost” as after the death of his brother Justin Santos on Sunday in a traffic accident in San Juan.

“I had never suffered so much! I had never felt so down! So defeated, so lost!” Arcángel indicated on his Instagram account, along with a drawing of him and his brother impersonating an angel.

Justin Santos, 21, died early Sunday morning when a woman, who was allegedly driving drunk across a bridge in the opposite direction from San Juan to Carolina, collided with Arcángel’s brother.

Due to the impact, Justin, who was visiting Puerto Rico because he was living in Florida (USA), was thrown from the vehicle and died from the blows suffered.

In his message, Arcángel pointed out that his brother was already becoming “the man I always dreamed of!”, Being “straight, legal, real and with his balls well placed!”.

The artist, who described his brother as his “son, friend and protector”, recalled that when he was born he changed his diapers and fed him while his mother went to work, although he could not bear “seeing such a cute baby cry so much!”.

“You grew up and, when the opportunity that you always wanted finally arrived, it was to work with me,” he continued.

Then he concluded: “You left my son, but I promise you something: I will take care of our mother even more, just as you did, and not only her, you took care of all of us.”