Archangel pronounces on the death of his brother: “My soul just died today too”

Arcángel, who in recent years has presented complications in his health is going through a difficult time after the news that his 21-year-old brother, Justin Santos, lost his life in an unfortunate accident in San Juan, Puerto Rico. According to the first reports from EFE, the young man died after being expelled from his car due to the strong impact he received by a woman who was driving in an apparent state of drunkenness.

The accident occurred at 2.35 am (Puerto Rico local time) at the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in the opposite direction from San Juan to Carolina. Likewise, it was learned that Justin’s companion also got out of the vehicle and was injured.

Given this news, Austin Santos, better known as Archangel He spoke through his social networks, where he asked resignation and strength for these difficult moments.

From their stories of Instagram Arcángel left some messages where he accepted God’s decision, but at the same time expressed the deep pain caused by the death of his younger brother.

“I am nothing or no one to demand of you, much less demand anything of you, father. I was taught that your will, whatever happens, must be respected and accepted. And although it hurts on an inexplicable level, if so, it is your will. Now I do believe that I am in a position to ask you for strength and understanding in order to guide us, ”he wrote.

“It’s the only thing I ask. It is what I need, rather, since you, my God, have given me more than I deserve and many times I did not value it. You gave me a real lesson this round. The one that has hurt me the most to be honest. Hit low and hard, “he added.

In the midst of his pain, Arcángel vowed to be strong to support his family in this difficult situation.

“And I have no other to learn, so I only ask you to show me the way. Leave the rest to me, give me the strength to be able to guide this family on the right path and that I only do with you on this return. Because the strength I had, my soul and this sick heart have just died today too “ ended.

In mid-September 2019, it was reported that Arcángel suffered a pre-infarct when he was going to the city of Orlando, in the United States. The artist was assisted in a timely manner and soon spoke to thank his followers for their concern.

“I want to thank all the people and my fans who have given me their prayers at this time. I really appreciate all the love you send me and how much you have cared for me. Soon I will feel much better and I will be able to give you all the best of myself and my music again, ”said the reggaeton singer.