Are Sebastian Yatra and Aitana a couple? Celebrities are caught very affectionate on a trip to Los Angeles

Sebastian Yatra Y Aitana They have formed a close bond in recent weeks and their many public displays of affection show it. Despite the fact that the duo of singers has not confirmed that they are dating or being a couple, there is more and more evidence that shows that the pair of lovebirds brings something to each other.

Would images confirm the romance between Sebastián Yatra and Aitana?

Recently, the portal “Hello!“has shared images of celebrities traveling through Los Angeles and this information only increases the rumors of a possible romance between the pair, because the graphs reveal something more than a friendship. As you remember, the author of “Mon amour” was on everyone’s lips after ending her relationship of more than four years with Miguel Bernardeu, actor of “Elite”, at the beginning of December.

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Despite the fact that both arrived at their destination on separate flights, they barely touched land, they did not take off at all and users took advantage of notifying them on their social networks. That’s when they were immortalized, very affectionate and smiling at the Los Angeles airport. In the first graphics revealed, Yatra shines hugging the young woman while she smiles.

Rumors suggest that Sebastián Yatra and Aitana would be a couple. Photo: Hello

After attending some meetings and visiting colleagues, Sebastián and Aitana took the opportunity to tour the city and go to the Disney theme park, where they did not hesitate to ride the rides.

Aitana and Sebastián Yatra staying in the same house

Another fact that, without a doubt, did not go unnoticed by the followers of both was that they would be staying in the same mansion in Los Angeles. His theory came after the artist from Madrid and the interpreter of “Tacones rojos” published some photographs that revealed some areas of the property.

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When looking at the images in detail, you can realize that there is a similarity in the decorations and spaces of the residence. As if that were not all, some people claimed that they saw Aitana and Sebastián kiss in a nightclub in Madrid, but there is no material to prove it.

Aitana and Sebastián Yatra staying in the same house. Photo: Sebastian Yatra/Instagram
Aitana and Sebastián Yatra staying in the same house. Photo: Sebastian Yatra/Instagram