Are they no longer hiding? Flavia Laos and Jay Alvarrez show off together in Cusco and even pose with fans

More together than ever! Flavia Laos and Jay Alvarrez have been showing off together through the streets of Cusco In the last few days since the ampay where affectionate people appeared at the Jorge Chávez airport, and despite the fact that they are not yet shown side by side in social networksThey already do it with their fans, this was recently evidenced.

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Everything was revealed thanks to Instarandula. The couple has been inseparable in recent days, and recently they announced that they had a curious night that would have ended in the model’s unmade bed, as well as the use of condoms, as evidenced by the influencer. Now, they surprised many again.

After having starred in a romantic lunch together recently, now they were caught walking together through the streets of the Imperial City, and although they would have wanted to go unnoticed initially, they would have later been approached by fans who asked for a photograph. And, to the surprise of many, they ended up agreeing.

Samuel Suárez’s page shared a TikTok from a lucky fan who ran into influencers on Cusco, and managed to take a snapshot with Flavia Laos, although I would also have done it with Jay alvarrez, although he did not share the image. “I was casual walking down the street yesterday and suddenly …”, said the young woman in the description of the video.

Although they do not come out hand in hand, the Peruvian and the American stood out more than together, and it was evident that they were walking as a couple, as they stayed very close to each other. We leave you the images below:

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Peluchín trolls Flavia Laos after a trip to Cusco with Jay Alvarrez: “I see you hydrated and you’re doing well”

Some days ago, Flavia Laos surprised by uploading a photograph of him in his official account of Instagram, where she posed in a bikini next to some flames while in a jacuzzi. She used the description: “Feeding the llamas with a sight.”

Seeing this snapshot, Rodrigo gonzalez He took the opportunity to leave his statement, and through a comment he went cold when trolling the model. “Cielura and our ambassador, how well coconut oil looks good on you! I see you hydrated and you are doing well ”, he told her.