Are we able to prosper?

In a previous installment we address the way we approach our lives and the meaning of prosperity. Indeed, prosperity is an attitude towards life and it is more related to what lives within us, how grateful we are for our situation, however unpleasant it may be, the way in which we push our desires and projects.

Do you really want your projects to prosper? Do you feel any stagnation? Do you think you work too much and do not carry out your plans? Do you hold others accountable for your results? Did the envy of others hurt you? Did they kick you out?

Carl Jung, an eminent Swiss psychiatrist, psychologist and essayist, founder of the school of analytical psychology and a student of unconventional subjects, stated: “Until the unconscious becomes conscious, the subconscious will continue to direct your life and you will call it destiny”.

Those fears of loss that rest in our subconscious cause us to be afraid every time we need to make a disbursement and, frequently, we become greedy and selfish. Just that belief that money goes quickly and will not come back stagnates its inflow.

We have verified that our evolution is intimately related to our thoughts, our mind creates what it believes, we express what we feel and emotion is the vehicle for our desires to occur. If we give in abundance and we are fair in our payments, we work to give what we want to receive, that is what we will have. That’s how laws work.

What happens in us? We regularly attract our fears, so it is essential to work on those unconscious fears. If when taking money out of our pockets we do it thinking that it is little, that it is spent and we will have no more, ignoring the divine nature of our being, that we are one with the Divinity, we have made an unbridled attachment to money grow and we become miserable it hurts us to spend out of fear.

When we know the spiritual laws of abundance we make money a deeply spiritual experience. The same laws operate with all the other energies in our lives and what we may require.

Philosophical and metaphysical schools realized the value of the word. It is evident in John 1 (Reina-Valera 1995): “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him nothing was made that was made that was made.”

Words are not carried by the wind; when we speak, we convey an idea, and that provides a force. Metaphysicians called this sentence affirmation or decree. We can see the transforming power of prayers, affirmations.

Can we then transform scarcity into prosperity? If we decide, it is undeniable. We must begin by changing our petty attitudes, transforming the thoughts that hinder the manifestation of our desires, using our words efficiently. For example: “The Christ who resides in me manifests all good in abundance, gratitude for the enjoyment of all.”

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