Are you afraid of Australia? Scaloni says it would have been better for Argentina to be eliminated

lionel scaloni coach of the Argentine team, spoke at a press conference after the victory (2-0) against Poland for the last day of group C of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and showed all his disagreement with the match against Australia due to the little rest that his coaches will have . He also mentioned that it would have been better if the Albiceleste had been eliminated in the group stage.

“Today we are happy, but we are not very effusive either because we played and I want to clarify that it seems totally crazy to me to play in almost two days and not long when we are first in the group,” he began.

“I can’t understand it, now it’s one in the morning and tomorrow is Thursday, and the next day it’s time to prepare for the game and play. The conditions are not given for them to be like that, but, well, it is the same for both. We are first in the group and we could have had more rest, really”, he added.

After the conference and in dialogue with TyC Sports, the Argentine coach was ironic and said that he would have preferred to be eliminated in the group stage.

“And that we are first in the group, if we had finished third, we were outside and it was better. It’s two in the morning and we’re still here, while Australia is already resting. But hey, it is what it is, we are first. We should have played even earlier or played another day later, but, well, FIFA decided that way, ”he expressed.