Are you ‘old’, but that ‘old’ ?: the evolution of Entre Titulares, CMD’s sports magazine

If you are currently one of the people who are between 21 and 30 years old, you will remember a lot (or something) of the television programs that were broadcast on sports signals, and that marked an era from the mid-2000s to the beginning of the second decade of the century. XXI.

Between 2007 and 2013 a television space was broadcast that was seen by young people and adults who were born in the 90s, which was called Entre titulares, broadcast through the CMD channel (Cable Mágico Deportes).

In this note ‘you will remember’ we make an account of this magazine that in its beginnings did not speak clearly of sports, but with the passage of time it evolved.

Between headlines began in 2007 and, if some remember, the program was not the typical television space where they talked about soccer. Conductors and panelists spoke with characters who had nothing to do with the category of the ‘little ball’.

To cite a few examples, Pedro Suárez Vértiz, a figure in Peruvian music, was one of the many guests who passed through the TV space. Other interviewees were the Xuxan group, two boys who made up a video game team and participated in tournaments.

And who made up the dialogue table? Two journalists and an actress: the remembered Daniel Peredo, Juan Carlos ‘el Gordo’ Vizcarra and Francesca Brivio, remembered for their passage in the Peruvian series Así es la vida.

With the passage of time, Christian ‘el Loco’ Wagner and Óscar Del Portal entered, since 2008. The program format was maintained with interviews and talks to characters outside of football. For 2010, a new face entered the program, as the journalist Johana Boloña became part of the panelists.

In mid-2011, the format of Between Headlines underwent some changes. The television set had furniture and now they were talking about football issues. In addition, Franco Cabrera became part of the magazine as one of the hosts.

For 2012, the last year the program aired, its production incorporated journalist Martín Hudtwalcker.

During the beginnings of Entre titulares, the CMD channel broadcast a curious commercial on its TV grill, in which they promoted the magazine and introduced the panelists.

In the first year of broadcast (2007), the ad featured Christian ‘el Loco’ Wagner, host of the show; Daniel Peredo, Francesca Brivio and Juan Carlos Vizcarra.

“Between headlines, your best therapy” was the phrase with which the television space was promoted.

In 2013, Christian ‘el Loco’ Wagner gave a short interview for the newspaper Ajá, where he explained the reasons why the program Entre Titulares was stopped broadcasting.

“It was a very nice and long stage. A format in whose dimension I was very involved (…) Between headlines it was a format that no longer gave for more. It culminated when it should have culminated. It was six years, which is a lot”, He mentioned at the time.