Argentina: Judge orders permission for a man convicted of homicide to go shopping and causes controversy in the networks

The criminals when they are captured by the justice system, they must be in prison so that they can pay for their crimes, but lately it has drawn attention that a judge in the city of ushuaia in Argentina will authorize the permit of an inmate sentenced to life imprisonment for a double homicide so he can go out shopping and not know “feel frustrated.”

According to Clarín, the challenge is in Detention Unit 1 of Río Grande, in Tierra del Fuego, and the judge who made this decision is identified as Manuel Isidore Lopezwhich grants this peculiar permission to Hector Miguel Percello (32). He is in prison precisely after having murdered, together with an accomplice, Fernando Alejandro Montoya, 50, and his little daughter Fernanda, 11, a cruel crime that has rarely been recorded in the southern part of this Argentine province.

But this judicial decision was not only the responsibility of the judge, a psychologist also approved this measure and would accompany her to do the shopping. Of course, it caused controversy in users on social networks.

The inmate never had the best behavior in prison

In the case of Héctor Percello, it is not understood how he received such a benefit, taking into account that a detainee who is characterized by his good behavior in a penitentiary center. Among the best known is what happened in May of last year when he, along with three other detainees, subjected Jhonatan Matías Quiroga (28) to all kinds of abuse. They recorded the attack with a cell phone and sent it to other people.