Argentine soccer player Emanuel Reynoso arrested for assault

Argentine soccer player Emanuel “Bebelo” Reynoso, a former Boca Juniors player and current MLS Minnesota United midfielder, was arrested in his country on Tuesday accused of assaulting a group of young people including a minor.

The soccer player, arrested in the Argentine city of Córdoba, where he spent a few days off, is accused of threats and injuries after a complaint in which he was involved in a beating, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the province of Córdoba reported on Tuesday, 800 kilometers north of Buenos Aires.

The attacks allegedly committed by the 26-year-old midfielder occurred during a party held on Saturday in that town located about 700 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

“Evidence was collected that allows us to suspect … that Reynoso, together with an as yet unidentified group of between 5 to 7 other people, would have participated in the commission of different crimes that are framed in the figures of threats classified by the use of weapon, minor injuries and calamitous robbery ”, consisting of a theft taking advantage of the occasion of an accident or violent situation, indicated the Cordovan Public Prosecutor’s Office.

It added that as a result of these events, the prosecutor’s office in charge of Milagros Gorgas ordered the footballer’s arrest within the framework of an investigation that “is incipient” and in which “measures are under way to identify the rest of the people involved. ”.

The footballer’s lawyer, Jorge Sánchez del Bianco, told the Argentine press that his client “did not participate in any fight or violent act.”

“He is oblivious to any wrongful act, we are respectful of the prosecutor’s work but we understand that it is a hasty measure. We are going to present videos, ”said the lawyer, who pointed out that in the videos captured during the brawl held by the prosecution, the player“ does not appear in any episode for the simple reason that he was not there. He has not participated in any event ”.

“Bebelo” Reynoso was trained in the lower divisions of Talleres de Córdoba with which he made his professional debut at the end of 2014. He started playing for Boca Juniors – one of the great clubs in Argentina – in 2018 and two years later he was transferred to MLS , the professional league in which teams from the United States and Canada participate.

The footballer faces another judicial investigation for his involvement in an alleged shooting in 2017 in the Cordovan capital, where he was accused of firearm abuse.